Sargent & Greenleaf (S & G) A-Series Lock

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The Sargent & Greenleaf Model 6128-240 is designed to provide a high level of security combined with flexible features that allow multiple levels of control over normal operations and service access.

A one-time code (OTC) lock requiring two forms of authentication, A-Series offers enhanced safe access control and three modes of operation. The lock allows shared access through secure file transfers, eliminating the need for costly and...

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Vendor Item Number 9920000042
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Model HALO, HALO II, HALO S, MX 4000W, MX 5000CE, MX 5000SE, MX 5200SE, MX 5300CE, MX 5300XP, NH 1500, NH 1800, NH 1800SE, NH 1800CE, NH 2000, NH 2100T, NH 2700CE, NH 2700T
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