InHand Wireless with Verizon

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Secure & Reliable Wireless ATM Connection ● Advanced firewall to ensure data security ● Encrypted data transmission via VPN (IPSec VPN, L2TP, PPTP, and SSL) ● 3 layers of auto-recovery ensures always-on reliability for ATM operation ●...

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Model HALO, HALO II, HALO S, MX 2800 SE, MX 4000W, MX 5000CE, MX 5000SE, MX 5100, MX 5100T, MX 5200, MX 5200SE, MX 5300CE, MX 5300CE, MX 5300XP, MX 5600, MX 5600T, MX 7000T/D, MX 7100T, MX 7600, MX 7600DR, MX 7600I, MX 7600T, MX7800I, MX 8800, NH 1500, NH 1800, NH 1800SE, NH 1800CE, NH 2000, NH 2100T, NH 2700CE, NH 2700T, 1700, 1700W, C4000, C6000, G1900, G2500, GT3000, GT5000, ONYX, ONYX W, t4000, TRAVERSE, ARGO, FT5000, RL1600, RL2000, RL5000, RT2000, 9100, 9600, TCR-MS400A, TCR-MS500, SiriUs I, SiriUs II
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